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Chattanooga Riverboat Cruise
A Chattanooga Riverboat Cruise on the River Gorge Explorer is part thrill ride and part nature tour.

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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

We’d like you to be part of our 20th Anniversary celebration. Thousands of pictures are taken every day at the Aquarium, and many of you have outstanding shots, videos and amazing stories from your visits. So let’s get social!

Share your videos

Share your Aquarium videos with us! E-mail us your link or embed code to your video. (We can't accept actual videos due to bandwidth limitations). You might have some funny penguin footage, cute shots of your children touching sturgeon and stingrays or a great edited piece about your entire visit. Send your video link now!


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'Like' our Facebook page then post your memories and favorite photos. Hopefully you’ll share some “before” and “after” pictures; some from your visits in the 1990s and some from today. We'll feature different pictures here each week. Share on Facebook now.

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Share your voice

Below are some funny and moving audio clips from a few of our employees and supporters. If you’d like to tell your story, you can send us an audio file by using Voice-it, a free service that allows you to record voice messages and send them to friends and family. Record your story using VoiceIt and send your finished audio file to

Rob Mottice
“The trap fell on top of me and I had like 130 pounds of catfish flopping on top of me.”
Jim Kennedy
“Who would have thought that our kids would be working downtown . . . and loving it.”
Angie Lewallen
“. . . . so I unzipped my gear bag and got huge Sand Tiger teeth out that were still wet . . . and handed them to the boys and it made their day. It made mine too.”

>> More stories coming soon from staff and friends of the Aquarium.

Share your thoughts

If you’re more of a writer, dash off a few lines about what the Aquarium means to you. Perhaps you visited as a child and now you bring your children. Maybe you had special visits with your children and today you enjoy bringing your grandchildren. Everyone has a story and we’d love to hear yours. E-mail it now to

    "Had an excellent time, and never even knew how awesome this place would be. Being an Atlantan, I still haven't visited the Georgia Aquarium, but I visited TA, and was definitely pleased."     ~  Tilia M.

   "One of my favorite attractions. More peaceful and natural than other aquariums. It is a great center piece for the Chattanooga downtown area."  ~ Tony P.

   "There's a new attraction every time I visit, and it's always interesting. They've remodeled the building and quite a few of the exhibits. It's fun for the entire family!"  ~ Dacy P.

   "We had a great time here, and with our membership, will be able to visit as often as we want for the next year :-)" ~ Karen J.