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Every Drop Counts

Every Drop CountsIn the Southeast, we have been fortunate in our water resources.  Not only do we have a network of rivers that have stimulated the growth of the region, but we also have more species of fishes, turtles, crayfishes, salamanders, and other aquatic animals than any other region of the United States.  Whether we notice it or not, the rich aquatic biodiversity and resources of the Southeast enhance our quality of life.

To keep these rivers healthy, we have to think about our own water use.  The less water we use at home, the more is available in the wild for aquatic animals.  Wise water use can include many small changes such as running your dishwasher only when it is completely full or more dramatic efforts such as changing plumbing fixtures to make appliances more water efficient.  

Learn how much water you use, explore ways to conserve water and encourage kids to use water sparingly. Even in areas with abundant water, we need to think about our consumption and ways to sustain the supply.  We all live downstream.

Find out how much water you're using by taking our Water Quiz and check out some Water Tips to help you conserve water at home.