Watch our Secret Reef Cam

Secret Reef web cam
The Secret Reef cam is live, 24-7. So dive in and watch toothy sharks, colorful reef fish and divers in the Tennessee Aquarium's largest saltwater exhibit.

mossy frog

How You Can Help

The Aquarium provides more than $1 million in free educational programs and conservation services to the community each year. This would not be possible without community support. Make a donation now or become a contributing member to join the Aquarium’s exclusive inner circle of generous supporters:

Sustainer Level $5,000 + (tax deductible) » JOIN NOWA gift of $5,000 provides admission for 20 elementary school classes to visit and have a science classroom program. 
Guardian Level $2,500 - $4,999 (tax deductible) » JOIN NOWA gift of $2,500 purchases costumes so that children can “become” their favorite animal during an outreach program.
Conservationist Level $1,000 - $2,499 (tax deductible) » JOIN NOWA gift of $1,800 provides water quality testing equipment to teach students in biology fundamentals in local streams.   
Curator Level $500 - $999 (tax deductible) » JOIN NOWA contribution of $500 covers the cost of one year of diagnostic x-rays for endangered turtles, native to the Tennessee Valley, to enhance their reproductive success. These turtles are then released into the wild to re-establish breeding populations.
Aquarist Level $250 - $499 (tax deductible) » JOIN NOWA contribution of $250 provides free in-service training programs for 2 elementary school science teachers.

Click on the Contributing Membership Level of your choice above, call Judy Powell, Director of Development at (423) 785-3038 or email us at Thank you for supporting your Tennessee Aquarium.