IMAX Theater

So real, It's unreal
The huge, six-story screen at the IMAX 3D Theater puts YOU in the action. Travel to undersea reefs filled with colorful creatures, or visit exotic locations from around the world.




Ever dream of sleeping under the peaks alongside sharks, stingrays and more?

Boy looking at penguin

Friends of the Aquarium

In the Tennessee Valley we enjoy a wonderful quality of life, due in part, to our fabulous natural resources. From the mountain tops to the Tennessee River, our lives are affected by our environment every day. You can join the Aquarium in its fight to protect these magnificent resources and bring conservation education to children across the region.

Eastern Bluebird Level   $25 - $49    » DONATE NOW
A $25 contribution purchases one microchip tracking devices for use with endangered Lake Sturgeon, which the Aquarium’s research facility rears and releases into their native Tennessee River.

Yellow-blotched Map Turtle Level $50 - $99 » DONATE NOW

A contribution of $50 provides food for one week for the Barrens Topminnows, imperiled fish which the Aquarium is breeding and reintroducing to regional streams.

Lake Sturgeon Level   $100 - $149    » DONATE NOW

A $100 contribution provides two distance learning programs on ecology-based topics for students in schools all across the country.

River Otter Level $150 - $249 » DONATE NOW

A $200 contribution sends one under-served child to an amazing summer camp experience at the Aquarium free-of-charge.