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Donate Stocks, Bonds, or Mutual Funds
If you own appreciated securities such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds, contributing them to the Aquarium is a win-win situation.  You receive a charitable deduction and reduce your capital gains taxes.  The Aquarium receives funds to continue our valuable education and conservation work. 

You may use the following information to transfer a gift of stock to the Aquarium. If you have any questions about giving gifts of appreciated securities, please contact Heather DeGaetano at (423) 785-4106.

Tennessee Aquarium

SEI Trust Co – Tax Id #061271230

Participant Number:  2039 (Clearing Number)

Agent ID Number: 94952

Agent Internal Account Number:  11163

Institutional ID Number:  25113 – First Tennessee Bank, NA – Chattanooga

Interested Party Number:  52587 Interest Party ACCT Number: #8800368 (Tennessee Aquarium Inst’l IMA)

Include the First Tennessee Bank internal account number by placing a # sign and then the seven digit account number in the special instruction field on the confirm. (Ex. - #1234567)

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