1. IMAX® film is the largest commercial film format ever invented.
  2. The IMAX® camera weighs up to 100 pounds.
  3. Average IMAX® screen is 4500 times bigger than an average TV screen.
  4. IMAX film is strong enough to pull a truck.
  5. Film frame used by IMAX® projection system is 10 times the size of a conventional 35mm frame.
  6. IMAX® screens are designed to encompass your peripheral vision.
    These screens are painted silver to maximize the amount of light reflected back to the audience.
  7. IMAX® uncompressed digital, wrap-around sound is a patented Proportional Point Source (TM) Loudspeaker system that delivers exacting volume and quality at every seat.

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Visitors watching Under The Sea 3D

Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D

Ultimate Wave Tahiti
Ten-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater shows why he’s the best in the sport as the film leads viewers on a journey from the crest of monster waves to the ocean floor where colorful sea creatures play beneath the surf. Slater and famed Tahitian waterman, Raimana Van Bastolaer take on Tahiti’s most extreme surf break known as Teahupo’o. This epic visual experience brings ocean science and the quest for the perfect wave to life. “The film attempts to convey the idea that no two waves are the same. Yet, all waves share common traits”, said director Stephen Low. “Like Kelly Slater himself – the epitome of what the best surfer in the world should be in terms of athletic prowess, intelligence and courage – to many the wave at Teahupo’o is indeed the ‘ultimate wave’,” continued Low.
Modern surfing and its culture often mention the search for the perfect wave. According to Slater and the world’s most accomplished surfers, Teahupo’o is truly a unique ocean wave, and the perfect classroom to discuss the mystery that is a wave.  This quest is sometimes misunderstood by non-surfers. As key personalities in the film, Slater and Von Bastolaer help to explain where waves come from, why they are important and how people living far from the ocean shore are affected by the ocean’s interplay within our ecosystem. With the use of advanced animation techniques and science support from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and other authorities, Slater’s hands-on wave experience is woven together with profound scientific insights.

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