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Penguins' Rock exhibit press kit

The “Penguins’ Rock” exhibit features two very active species of cold climate penguins unique to this region. Gentoo and Macaroni penguins take people to the world’s southern hemisphere and the sub-Antarctic islands surrounding the South Pole. When visitors enter “Penguins’ Rock” they will find themselves immersed in an interactive gallery that will take them on a journey into the penguins’ world thousands of miles away.

Imagine watching these busy birds diving into an 18,000 gallon pool of 45 degree water, with waves rolling across the floor to ceiling windows. On land penguins are not very graceful, but you’ll soon understand why everyone says these birds really “fly” underwater. With flippers providing the speed, and their feet and tail providing steering and braking these animals will amaze everyone with their agility below the water line.

If you can’t find it here, e-mail or call Thom Benson at 423-785-3002.

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All the images in the thumbnails below are available to download for use with articles about the Tennessee Aquarium and Penguins' Rock exhibit only. Click on thumbnail to download a high-res image, suitable for print. Then "Save Picture As..." to desired folder on your computer.

Gentoo Penguin

Macaroni Penguin

Dr. Chris Keller with Gentoo Penguins at Sea World
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