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Just in Time for Spring and Summer Breaks,
Aquariums across the U.S.
Open New Exhibits

Aquarium of the Americas
New Orleans
Seahorse Gallery

  • New Orleans' Aquarium of the Americas delves into the realm of mythical creatures for an exciting new exhibit opening March 8, 2000. The Aquarium of the Americas marks its 10th Anniversary in 2000, and is celebrating with the creation of a uniquely designed Seahorse Gallery. The Seahorse Gallery will feature glowing exhibits to draw visitors close to these amazing creatures. From tiny Dwarf Seahorses, plump Potbelly Seahorses, to gossamer-like seadragons that conjure up thoughts of mythical sea monsters -- these animals will intrigue and delight visitors with their unusual appearances and behaviors. The Seahorse Gallery will feature several different encloses for adults and young animals. Since most seahorses are rather small, the gallery will have large, high-definition video monitors showing seahorse eating habits, movement, and other behaviors. Large models of seahorses, seadragons, and sea grasses will be located throughout the 1,000 square-foot exhibit. Visitors will also learn about the seahorse's natural history, evolution, and mythology. Other unusual creatures including pipefish and filefish will be highlighted in the Seahorse Gallery. The Aquarium of the Americas is located on the banks of the Mississippi River near New Orleans' historic French Quarter. Opened in 1990, more than 12 million people have visited the Aquarium of the Americas.

For more information:
(504) 378-2694

Melissa Lee (504) 378-2694

Cutline: Seahorses will make a big splash at the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans beginning March 8, 2000. Photo credit: David Bull/Audubon Institute

Aquarium of the Pacific
Long Beach
"Jellies: Phantoms of the Deep"

  • Aquarium of the Pacific Long Beach "Jellies: Phantoms of the Deep" · They have no eyes. No brain. No heart. They are made up of 95 percent water and the rest - mineral salt and protein. And yet, they are alive - pulsating and drifting through coastal waters and icy ocean trenches. They are truly phantoms: graceful and delicate, yet can wield a painful sting when protecting themselves or capturing their prey. They are sea jellies, or as popularly known jellyfish, amazing animals that never cease to inspire and mystify humans. Coming this summer to the Aquarium of the Pacific, "Jellies: Phantoms of the Deep," will offer a new 2,500-square-foot gallery dedicated to more than a dozen species of sea jellies, including the awesome lion's mane jelly, a creature whose tentacles can reach more than 100 feet in the wild. In addition, the gallery will host the tiny umbrella jelly, the jelly "imposter" called the comb jelly and many other intriguing species. The jellies exhibit will remain at the Aquarium for 20 months and will be displayed in a special exhibit gallery that will feature new and exciting sea creatures every few years.

For more information:
(562) 590-3100

Michele Nachum (562) 951-1676

Cutline: Very long tentacles characterize the West Coast sea nettle. With no eyes, no brain and no heart, this beauty is one of several species that can be found in the Aquarium of the Pacific's new "Jellies: Phantoms of the Deep" exhibit.


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