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Get Caught Up in the FishNet
Online Survey Tells You What Kind of Fish You Are

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (July 30, 2001) - Something's fishy . . . and it's you! Are you a bottom-dweller or a fast swimmer? Do you swim in a school or float alone? To discover your fishy personality, just answer a fin-full of questions on the Tennessee Aquarium's website at

Not only can visitors to the Aquarium's website find their fishy match, they can hook up with a cool deal during August and September with an online voucher good for a discount to visit the world's largest freshwater aquarium. Adults get in for the price of a kid's admission with the voucher. Visitors can get the same deal with the voucher at other Chattanooga area attractions, like the Creative Discovery Museum for children, Ruby Falls and Rock City.

Fishnet survey takers can also share their results with finny friends and family by forwarding the website address.

Survey takers are asked questions like, "What's your favorite meal?" "How do you show affection?" "How much of a party animal are you?" "Where is your ideal vacation spot?" Depending on their answers, they will be designated a shark, largemouth bass, catfish, angelfish, trout, piranha, sunfish or puffer fish. (Descriptions follow)

Shark - No doubt, you are the biggest fish in the tank, not just in size but confidence, too. Your perfect mix of straight forward talk and charm make you the one others like to swim with. Your voracious appetite for popularity and leadership is not without fault, though. Sometimes prone to a quick temper, those around you keep their distance, knowing you'll soon swim back around, back on top of everyone and everything.

Large Mouth Bass - You wow the world with your words. You are charismatic in your delivery - and boy do you deliver. When someone wants to know the latest gossip or discover the latest trends, they swim in your direction. Though sometimes stubborn, this trait serves you well. You are successful in your job and you aren't afraid of swimming against the current. You are a faithful friend and other fish know they can depend on you.

Catfish - Make no mistake, this cat's a cool customer. Your laid-back nature makes you the perfect choice for swimming around with. No need to compete with the other big fish; you're comfortable in your "fins" and love to laugh. You don't have time for fish fights - you're too busy lending a fin. You're a hard worker and can be counted on to get the job done. If anybody teases you about being a bottom-dweller, remind them that you're simply more resourceful than the average fish.

Angelfish - You are colorful and vibrant in more ways than one. People not only admire you for your thin-fin look and elegance, but also your wit. You're a fast thinker and other fish love to swim with you. Though some are prone to jealousy because of your angel-like appearance, you mostly attract admirers. In your "school" you're head of the class. When you're not busy swimming off to your next engagement, you're gearing up for your next rendezvous. And you can bet there will be lots of other fish in the sea, just waiting to catch your current.

Trout - Although you like to swim in the shallows, your kindness runs deep. You are dedicated and genuine - never too fishy. You have a strong work ethic, and because you are determined to do whatever it takes to get the job done, you are not afraid to swim against the current. Far from a flaky fish, you're a fighter when caught. Easygoing and likeable, other fish tend to form "schools" around you.

Piranha - Although regarded as a bit quick-tempered, you hardly ever attack unprovoked. But once incited, get ready for a feeding frenzy. You are famous for being sharp and quick-witted, that is! You are authoritative, which can be intimidating, but you never let other fish swim all over you. You are intelligent, resourceful and successful.

Sunfish - People can't help but fall hook, line and sinker for your sweet and charming disposition. You are outgoing and popular, but not too cool for "schools." You are not showy; your sunny nature just shines. You genuinely love any social gathering or "findig," and you are always one of everyone's favorite fish.

Puffer Fish - You have an "off the hook" personality - energetic and passionate. You love art and music. Your passionate personality can have its drawbacks, though. You can be moody at times and puff up at the people closest to you. But when you are at ease, you are very lovable. You are an honest and straightforward fish that isn't afraid to "stick up" for what you believe in.




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