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Phenomenal Fish

Next time you visit the Tennessee Aquarium be sure to cast a glance at some of the larger and more unusual specimens on exhibit.

Rivers of the World
Beluga Sturgeon

This spectacular creature is well known for its caviar, the finest in the world. Estimated at 100 lbs. and 21 years, this is an impressive fish. You may be surprised to discover that the record-holding catch of this species is a stunning 1 1/2 tons and 28 feet in length. They can live more than 100 years and continue to grow their entire lives.

Tennessee River Exhibit
Largemouth Bass

The largemouth beauty "Miss Patty" on display in the Tennessee River exhibit is the largest fish ever caught in BASSMASTER tournament history, weighing in at 13 lbs., 9 oz. A good look at the others in this exhibit will give some perspective on her record-breaking size.

Nickajack Lake Exhibit
Lake Sturgeon

These spectacular specimens are representative of the lake sturgeon that inhabited the Tennessee River hundreds of years ago. The few that may remain in the watershed are rarely seen.

Nickajack Lake Exhibit
Blue Catfish

The largest among the big blue catfish at home in the Nickajack Lake exhibit is a whopping 80 pounds.

Amazon Flooded Forest

These amazing creatures have grown from 12 inches to six feet in the five years that they've been at the Tennessee Aquarium. Growing at a rate of about a foot a year, these fish are well on their way to reaching their maximum length of 15 ft. Arapaima are threatened with extinction in their native environment.





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