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Your passport to Spring Break fun!

March 10 – April 22, 2007

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (Feb. 8, 2007) – Imagine drifting along a quiet waterway in a canoe with warm sunshine on your face. Out of the corner of one eye an eagle is spotted soaring in the blue sky overhead. “Hey dad, look an eagle!” exclaims a wide eyed boy. “The American Bald Eagle is making a comeback,” explains the guide. That’s the magic of a spring break adventure in Chattanooga. And it’s just one of many awaiting your family in the Scenic City.

Long lines and traveling long distances are out. Short trips full of action and adventure are in. And that’s what it’s all about during a Chattanooga Family Adventure. Getting the most fun packed into your precious time off while making it feel like you’re a world away from the hustle and bustle. Chattanooga, TN offers a passport to family fun where seven new family adventures await you. These adventures will take you deep underground, back in time, out on the water and closer to nature.

The Tennessee Aquarium, Creative Discovery Museum for Children, Hunter Museum of American Art, Outdoor Chattanooga, Rock City Gardens, Ruby Falls, and the Southern Belle Riverboat have joined together to offer families a special, unforgettable, action packed week of fun – that’s just a tank full of gas away. Families can be aquatic biologists at a world-famous aquarium, spelunkers deep within a cave or even kings and queens at a magic castle at the children’s museum. Each adventure is packed with fun and excitement.

Voted one of America’s top family weekend getaways by “Southern Living” magazine, and one of America’s top family destinations by Disney’s “FamilyFun” magazine, Chattanooga offers endless possibilities for everyone in your family. So pack your bags, load up the car and head on to Chattanooga!

What if you could . . .

. . .venture underground and be spelunkers on a cavern tour deep inside Lookout Mountain at Ruby Falls? Pan for gemstones, learn about rocks and geology and view the cave’s mysterious chambers and amazing rock formations - while using only the illumination from a handheld lantern or light from your very own hardhat.

.. . . be a detective at the Creative Discovery Museum for children. Kids will wear many hats and get to be a paleontologist, artist, scientist, inventor, musician, a king or even a riverboat captain. The Museum's newest temporary exhibit invites children inside the stone walls of a fantasy castle where everyone works together to make a community.

. . . be an aquatic biologist at the world-famous Tennessee Aquarium? You’ll discover just what it takes to fix breakfast for thousands of animals, feed the fish, meet butterfly keepers, snake and crocodile experts, shark specialists, plant tamers and some of the Tennessee Aquarium’s most charismatic creatures.

. . . make like Lewis and Clark and glide down the North Chickamauga Creek in a canoe while observing turtles, herons, king fishers and more? Navigate your way downstream toward the Tennessee River while your guide tells you more about this amazing freshwater ecosystem, the Tennessee River and native wildlife surrounding you.

. . . be a first mate aboard the Southern Belle Riverboat and join our Captain in the pilot house for a bird's eye view of the Tennessee River. You'll be perched on the highest platform as you view downtown Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain and the new riverfront.

. . . be an adventurer like Indiana Jones on a RockQuest scavenger hunt at Rock City Gardens, high atop Lookout Mountain? The Enchanted Trail leads you to view more than 400 varieties of native plants and flowers. You’ll trek through massive rock formations formed millions of years ago and have the chance to be a rock climber on the 25-foot climbing wall.

. . . be an art explorer, complete with a pack and a guide at the Hunter Museum of American Art? Pick up the Museum’s art explorer kit and get the inside scoop on different works of art and the stories behind them. Take a trip “Through the Looking Glass” as you discover whimsical children’s book illustrations from the beloved book by Lewis Carroll. Or, create a masterpiece of your own.

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