Eurasian eagle owl

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Eurasian Eagle Owl

Eurasian eagle owls are the largest owls in the world with wingspans up to six feet. An eagle-owl’s flight is powerful and fast with shallow wing beats and long, fast glides. This owl will also soar on updrafts. This type of flight is similar to that of buteos or soaring hawks like the Red-tailed Hawk.

Eurasian Eagle-Owls prefer to nest on ledges, in cave entrances, and within rock crevices on cliffs. They will sometimes use the abandoned nests of other large raptors.

The Eurasian Eagle-Owl’s population declined significantly during the first half of the last century through persecution, disease, and poisoning. As a result of protection, re-introduction programs, and a change in food abundance, this owl’s population is recovering in Europe.

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About This Animal

SIZE  Body length of 24 - 29 inches, a wingspan of 5 - 6 feet.

RANGE Found from eastern Europe and Scandinavia east across Russia and Japan. Also found across the northern Mediterranean region from Turkey, northern Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, northern India, Tibet, China and Korea.

HABITAT  They favor rocky outcrops and cliffs in a variety of wooded habitats throughout much of Europe and Asia. They're also found in open habitats that have some trees and rocky areas.

DIET  Mice, rats, squirrels, hedgehogs, buzzards, pigeons, crows, and magpies.