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Seiurus aurocapillus  

ON EXHIBIT:  Cove Forest at River Journey


The Ovenbird's name is derived from its nest. The domed nest is built on the ground and has an entrance on its side which reminded early Americans of the clay ovens used to bake bread. The Ovenbird is a warbler which is a group of brightly colored,  highly migratory birds most of which spend the winter months the tropics and then migrant to North America in the spring to breed and then return in the fall.

Protected by the Migratory Bird Act and their populations remain stable. We have two in the Cove forest exhibit.

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About This Animal

SIZE   6 inches

RANGE  North America, mostly east of the Rockys

HABITAT  Ridges and mountains with deciduous forests

DIET  Primarily insects and other small invertebrates