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From a hairy tarantula to a talking African gray parrot, you never know what you’ll bump into in Ranger Rick's Backyard Safari at the Tennessee Aquarium!


Yellow-headed Amazon

Amazona oratrix

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Yellow-headed Amazon parrot

The Yellow-headed Amazon Parrot enjoys human interaction as well as interaction with other birds. In the wild they are very social birds living in groups with the available food supply determining the size of the group. Many times though several hundred are seen in a group. They also form permanent pairs when they are sexually mature. They love to climb and play and need room to stretch their wings although climbing seems to be their favorite activity.

Listed as endangered due to habitat loss and collection for pet trade. These birds are rarely seen in much of their native range.

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About This Animal

SIZE  15 - 17 inches

RANGE  These parrots are found only in Central America, including Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala.

HABITAT  Preferred habitats include tropical and subtropical forests, mangrove swamps, savannah, coastal scrub and cultivated land where trees are available for nesting

DIET  Fruits, nuts, berries and blossoms.