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Giant Green Anemone

Anthopleura xanthogrammica

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Giant Green Anemone

This species is typically a solitary, large anemone.  Its coloration comes from green pigments in its skin as well as symbiotic algae that live in the lining of its gut. When exposed to sunlight this anemone “farms” some of its nutrition from the material created by this algae.

Anemones are closely related to jellyfish and corals.  They paralyze and capture their prey after it comes in contact with the anemone’s stinging tentacles. Once immobilized, the anemone pulls the prey into its mouth, which is located in the middle of the tentacles. When digestion is complete, they excrete waste through the same opening.

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About This Animal

SIZE: Up to 7 inches diameter; to 12 inches tall

RANGE: Alaska to central Baja California

HABITAT: On rocks; intertidal to 100ft deep

DIET: Plankton, small fish, shrimp; can derive nutrition for symbiotic algae