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Purple-tipped Staghorn Coral

Acropora tenuis

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Purple-tipped Staghorn Coral

In the wild, staghorn corals are some of the largest corals found in reef formations around the world.  In fact, they belong to one of two families of coral that make up 30% of all reef-building coral species. In the wild they are the most tolerant of changes to water temperatures, salinity, water movement and lighting.

On the IUCN Red List for Endangered Species as Near Threatened (NT). Purple-tipped acropora have been propagated in captivity, thus helping to spare wild populations in the world's reefs.  Captive propagated corals also tend to be healthier and live longer than their wild siblings.

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About This Animal

SIZE: Colony size 3-5 feet, possibly larger; branch diameter to 3 inches

RANGE:  Pacific and Indian Oceans and the Red Sea

HABITAT: Upper reef slopes where the current is very strong

DIET: Some small plankton, but primarily photosynthetic deriving much of it food from symbiotic algae (zooxanthallae)