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Phantasmal Dart Frog calling on leaf

Phantasmal Dart Frog

Amphibians / Epipedobates tricolor
Length .75"
Conservation Status

The Phantasmal Dart Frog (Epipedobates tricolor) is native to Ecuador. It is one of the smaller species of dart frogs. Adults are slightly less than one inch in length. Despite their small size, this species has a fairly loud call. This frog lays eggs in plant leaf axels or leaf litter. When the eggs hatch, the males will transport the tadpoles to water. The Phantasmal Dart Frog is classified as Endangered by IUCN as its range is fairly small. Major threats include pollution and habitat loss.

Areas heavy in leaf litter, typically near banana or cacao plantations
ants and other insects
Phantasmal Dart Frog calling
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