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Summer Camp

Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center and the Tennessee Aquarium are proud to present a “Wet and Wild Summer!” For the first time ever, these two environmental education leaders are combining forces to create an unmatched summer camp experience. Campers will have opportunities to learn about the native plants and animals of Southeast Tennessee using indoor exhibits, animal encounters and outdoor exploration.

In the case of Covid-19 restrictions, we will revert to an all-outdoor camp on the Reflection Riding campus. Working together, the Reflection Riding and Tennessee Aquarium staffs will develop a completely outdoor camp that will provide a safe and amazing experience for our campers. 




General Camps: $250 for members / $280 for non-members
Specialty Camps: $325 for members / $375 for non-members


Drop-off: 9:00 am at the Tennessee Aquarium
Pick-up: 4:00 pm at the Tennessee Aquarium

Campers will spend time at both Reflection Riding and the Tennessee Aquarium each week. To make the drop off and pick up process easy, all campers will start and end the day at the Tennessee Aquarium.

Now accepting applications for Summer Camp Volunteers!


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Camp Dates and Themes

For general camps, each session has a theme that all age groups will focus on for the week. All ages (5-12) will register for general camps and we will divide them into the specific age groups once the camp is full. Campers will be grouped in 2-3 year age bands, depending on the number of registrants of each age.

Wild, Weird and Wacky (Ages 5-12)
June 7-11 or July 5-9
From slimy salamanders to captivating carnivorous plants, explore the wonderful weirdness that is the natural world. Learn how living things survive and thrive and what makes them so special in their own weird and wacky way.

Backyard Bonanza (Ages 5-12)
June 14-18 or July 12-16
To discover amazing plants and animals look no further than your own backyard. Join us as we explore our fascinating backyard ecosystem and the unexpected organisms that live there.

Puddles, Please! (Ages 5-12)
June 21-25 or July 19-23
Peer into a puddle, crawl into a creek, and observe an ocean. Join us as we explore the wonder of water.

Adaptation Athletes (Ages 5-12)
June 28-July 2 or July 26-30
A Gentoo penguin can swim 22 miles per hour. A dragonfly nymph can live underwater for up to 7 years. Some bamboos grow 35 inches per day. The best athletes in the world come from the wild kingdom! Join us as we run, jump, stretch, and slither our way into the wonderful world of nature’s all-stars.

Specialty Camps

The Colors of Nature 
June 7-11 (Ages 5-6)
July 5-9 (Ages 7-8)
Join us as we explore colors and textures of the natural world through art. Find materials in unexpected places and create one-of-a-kind art treasures with animal and plant friends.

Myth-chievious Creatures 
June 7-11 (Ages 7-8)
July 5-9 (Ages 5-6)
Explore the world of unicorns, dragons, fairies, and more. Compare these mythical creatures to their real animal counterparts.

Animal Care 
June 14-18 (Ages 13-14)
Can you train an alligator? What do you do to keep a bobcat’s brain active? Ever wondered what it would be like to work with animals? Follow along as we go behind the scenes to observe a week in the life of an Animal Care Specialist.

Nature Connection 
June 21-25 (Ages 9-10)
July 19-23 (Ages 11-12)
Learn how to learn about our wild neighbors. Join us as we immerse ourselves in nature. Explore activities that have compelled humans for millennia; hunting, gathering, building, playing in water, hiding, stalking, solving nature mysteries, telling stories, and making wild friends.

Wild Extremes 
June 28-July 2 (Ages 9-10)
July 26-30 (Ages 5-6)
From big mouths to the best builders. Join us as we explore the adaptations of some of nature’s most extreme organisms.

Turtle-y Awesome 
June 28-July 2 (Ages 7-8)
July 26-30 (Ages 9-10)
From land to sea and seafood to salads, turtles do it all! Join us for a week of exploring the world of turtles.

Aliens from Earth
July 12-16 (Ages 11-14)
July 19-23 (Ages 9-10)
Invasion! Join us as we explore the world of earthly aliens. Discover how they got here and how we can send them packing.

Questions? For more information about Wet and Wild Summer Camps, contact the Tennessee Aquarium at summercamp@tnaqua.org / 423-785-4176 or Reflection Riding at corey@reflectionriding.org / 423-443-0082.

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