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Global Passport

Explore the world in one amazing place!

Every day, the Tennessee Aquarium showcases thousands of animals from nearly every habitat on Earth. Beginning in March, the Aquarium will kick off Global Passport, a yearlong celebration of the amazing natural wonders found on each continent – viewable without ever leaving the Chattanooga riverfront!

Fill Your Passport

When you visit the Aquarium, look for creatures representing all seven continents, then visit the gift shop for a new continent sticker to add to your global passport sheet each month.

Download Global Passport Activity Sheet

March – North America
April – South America
May – Asia
June – Africa
July – Australia
August – Europe
September – Antarctica



Aquarium at Home

Before or after departing on your round-the-world adventure, you can gain additional insights about the animals you’ll encounter through the Aquarium’s social media channels, which will host a steady stream of behind-the-scenes videos and live-streamed keeper chats centered on each month’s featured continent.

NEW! Download the Tennessee Aquarium app for Global Passport games and more!

SEPTEMBER: Antarctica

This month, we’re exploring the continent of Antarctica! Antarctica is the fifth largest continent by size on the planet and – while known as the coldest place on Earth – is home to the world’s largest desert.

These animals can be found in Antarctica – and also right here at the Aquarium! Look for them in the Ocean Journey building and then catch a screening of Antarctica 3D at IMAX to learn about even more creatures that call this continent home.

Gentoo Penguin

Penguins' Rock
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Macaroni Penguin

Penguins' Rock
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