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Ocean Odyssey 3D

On Screen Mar 2022–Aug 2022
Run Time 45 Min.
Film Rating pg

Ocean currents are the arteries and veins of planet earth. This hidden oceanic circulatory system regulates the climate, shapes our coastlines and feeds the ocean’s biodiversity. Ocean Odyssey 3D takes us on a 1800 mile long adventure down the East Australian Current - made famous by the film Finding Nemo - to discover how currents have shaped our lives, and how their changing character will affect us for generations to come.

The earth’s oceans are home to a complex system of submarine rivers, a vast network of currents that continuously pump water around the globe, circulating every drop of water in the ocean. Together, these currents form a vital planetary life support system - a system that has regulated the earth’s climate, atmosphere, weather and biological diversity for millions of years. Ocean currents are responsible for the fish we eat, the rain that feeds our crops, the snow that covers our mountains - even the air we breathe.

Whales underwater, silhouetted against the sun. A sea turtle, near the surface of the water. An island in the ocean.
Nick Robinson
Dr. Sylvia Earle
fish in the ocean.
A clown fish hiding in some sea anemone.
Gulls on the beach
A penguin on a glacier
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