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Giant Pacific Octopus

Invertebrates / Enteroctopus doflenini
Length Armspan up to 12'
Conservation Status
Not Evaluated

The giant Pacific octopus is the largest known octopus species. Like many octopuses, the giant Pacific octopus has the ability to drastically change the color and texture of its skin. These abilities not only help the octopus camouflage, but they can also be used to communicate warnings to other octopi. Octopuses establish dens in crevices and under rocks. They use dens to lay eggs and hide from predators. Their soft, fleshy bodies lack shells, allowing them to squeeze into tiny spaces.

Northern Pacific Ocean from California to Japan
Rocky tide pools and reefs; from shallow intertidal to 5,000 feet deep
Typically shellfish, crab, lobster, but will feed on a variety of prey

Octopuses are intelligent and highly adaptable animals. At the Aquarium, the octopuses are given puzzles to solve such as a lidded jar with a piece of food inside. They quickly learn to unscrew the tops of the jars to get to the food inside.

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