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The Tennessee Aquarium is an equal opportunity employer committed to promoting an inclusive environment that values and supports diversity and equality among staff, volunteers and all of its audiences.

Situated at the heart of a thriving downtown, many people point to the Aquarium as the anchor for Chattanooga’s current standing as one of the nation’s best towns. As proud as we are to have helped start Chattanooga on that path, we take greater pride in the role we continue to play every day to make our community ever-better.

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Diversity Statement

The southeastern United States is an underwater rainforest with an incredible number of aquatic species.  This rich diversity is part of our natural heritage, a gift to be discovered, appreciated and protected.  Similarly, the diversity of human experience in our region is part of our cultural heritage, a gift to be celebrated, respected, and shared.  Whether a natural ecosystem or a human community, diversity creates strength and resilience.  For these reasons, we are committed to increasing the diversity of those we work with, including our staff, board, volunteers, members, visitors, partners, and supporters.  Together, we will connect people with nature and empower them to make informed decisions about water and wildlife.


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