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Weekday Wonders

Weekday Wonders is a series designed for parents and other adults who are interested in engaging children in science at home.

School may be out, but Weekday Wonders is continuing! Originally designed to help support caregivers who found themselves unexpectedly homeschooling, Weekday Wonders will continue to provide carefully curated content for your young scientist to explore while on summer vacation. Each week will mirror the theme of one of our summer camps and will include many fun, educational activities from camp that have been modified for your scientist to experience at home. These resources will continue to be written in a way that is easy for caregivers to facilitate, even while working.

Designed for young scientists in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade, Weekday Wonders are released each weekday. Many of the activities include support on how to adjust the activities to be easier for the youngest scientists or more challenging for scientists in grades 4, 5, and beyond.

The activities require minimal preparation and materials. Many young scientists will be able to complete the activities with instructions from an adult followed by time on their own.


Nature on the Page (Week of June 1)

Day 1 – What are the traits and features of a character?

Day 2 – How do you develop a setting for a story?

Day 3 – What is the plot for a story, and how does one develop?

Day 4 – How can a story show action?

Day 5 – How do you end a story?

Weird and Wacky Nature ( Week of June 8)

Day 1 – How do animals hide from predators?

Day 2 – How do animals eat their food?

Day 3 – How do animals care for their young?

Day 4 – What are some of the weird and wacky ways animals use their sense of taste?

Day 5 – What are some of the weird and wacky ways animals use their eyes to see?

Nature Detectives (Week of June 15)

Day 1 – Can you spy living things outside your window?

Day 2 – Can you find evidence of residence? Or, how can you tell where animals do live?

Day 3 – Who left that trail?

Day 4 – What has been eating outside my window?

Day 5 – Why do plants come in so many different shapes and sizes?

Mad Scientists (Week of June 22)

Day 1 – Why do plants look wilted or die if they do not get water?

Day 2 – How do boats float on the water?

Day 3 – What happened to the ice pop on a hot day?

Day 4 – Why is the Sun important?

Day 5 – How can you discover preferences of wild animals that share your outdoor space?

Water Warriors (Week of June 29)

Day 1 – How much water do you use in a day?

Day 2 – Could your water usage affect others?

Day 3 – How do everyday activities affect water quality?

Day 4 – How does water quality affect wild animals?

Day 5 – What are some ways you have fun with water?

Wild World of Art (Week of July 7)

Day 1 – What kind of art can you make with rocks?

Day 2 – What kind of art can you make with dirt?

Day 3 – What kind of art can you make with water?

Day 4 – What kind of art can you make with sticks?

Day 5 – What kind of art can you make with leaves?

Wonders of Nature (Week of July 13)

Day 1 – Have you ever wondered about the power of the sun?

Day 2 – Have you ever wondered why the moon changes shape in the sky?

Day 3 – Have you ever wondered how plants can live in such interesting places?

Day 4 – Have you ever wondered why insects’ wings come in so many shapes?

Day 5 – Have you ever wondered how insects can have such different lifestyles?

STEM Around Us (Week of July 20)

Day 1How does a bird’s wing help it fly?

Day 2 – How does STEM help animals?

Day 3 – How do man-made buildings mimic nature?

Day 4 – How can we explore color in the world around us?

Day 5 – How can I build a machine to move objects?

Animal Olympics (Week of July 27)

Day 1 – Do you have the speed of an animal champion?

Day 2 – Can you compete in the jumping events?

Day 3 – Can you hit the mark?

Day 4 – Do animals work out or exercise?

Day 5 – Are there animals that would be good at several Olympic events?

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