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Adam Kennon

Conservation Manager

Areas of Expertise: Freshwater non-game fishes

Adam started his career in freshwater conservation at Auburn University, where his research focused on threatened and endangered non-game fish species. Adam has worked in the field of conservation and aquatic ecology for the last 15 years. Before working at the TNACI, he worked in both federal and non-profit sectors of the environmental sciences focusing on stream and wetland conservation. Adam advances TNACI’s conservation science mission by managing the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute and supporting staff with field and lab work. He also works with state, federal and other non-profit partners to help focus conservation efforts in key areas of the Southeast to preserve biodiversity.

Adam Kennon

Favorite Fish:  The Smallmouth Bass

Most exciting thing about living in the South: The diversity of our streams and rivers

M.S., 2007, Auburn University
B.S., 2005, Auburn University (Fisheries and Aquaculture)

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