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Sea Sprouts

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Create memories with your little one while exploring the wonders of the natural world at The Tennessee Aquarium!

The program is a 6-week series that provides children ages 3-4 the opportunity to learn about nature in a safe, fun, and developmentally appropriate environment. You can choose all six classes within the series or only those that fit within your schedule.

Sea Sprouts classes could include story time, sensory play, exploration stations, animal encounters, guided trips to habitats within the aquarium, and take-home crafts. Each class is specifically created for hands-on interactive and play-based learning for you and your sea sprout.

One adult must accompany registered children.


Non-members: $15/class; $80 for all 6-weeks

Members and staff will receive special discounts. Look out for more information in member emails!

child touching snake during education program
educator holding visual aid during outreach program

Upcoming Sessions

Classes will be held every Wednesday from 10:00 am – 11:00 am ET between March 20 – April 24.

Building Habitats

Join us as we explore all the parts of nature that come together to make a habitat.

Week 1 (March 20): Animals

Sea Sprouts will discover that birds have feathers, mammals are furry, and amphibians are slimy! They will interact with different biofacts and meet some of our ambassador animals.

Week 2 (March 27): Plants

Sea Sprouts will explore how plants are living things, too. How do they grow? What do they need? What is a plant? Come find out!

Week 3 (April 3): Rocks

Sea Sprouts will use nature’s greatest manipulative to build fine motor skills: rocks! Help your sea sprout sort rocks, build with rocks, and see who likes to live in rocks!

Week 4 (April 10): Water

Sea Sprouts will use all 5 of their senses to explore water! They will investigate all of water’s properties and how all living things need it.

Week 5 (April 17): Air

Sea Sprouts will explore this invisible part of nature through experimentation and play. Come and see the causes and effects of air moving within our habitats!

Week 6 (April 24): Habitats in Nature

All the exploration from the previous classes will come together to experience habitats as a whole. Discover the different habitats worldwide, and then help your sprout create their own habitat!


For any questions, contact Educator Abi Hunt at ahunt@tnaqua.org.

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