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The Arctic: Our Frozen Planet 3D

Showtimes 1:15pm, 3:45pm
On Screen Jan 2024–Aug 2024
Run Time 45 Min.
Film Rating g

At the very top of the globe, lies a spectacular, frozen realm. But don’t be fooled by appearances...this place is not frozen in time. It’s a dynamic ecosystem and for thousands of years, its indigenous people and wildlife have found ways to survive and live in harmony with these extremes.

Embark on a yearlong adventure across the seasons and three continents. Be immersed in the astounding world of narwhals, belugas and polar bears as they navigate ice floes. Hear the thunderous sound of stampeding caribou and muskox trying to escape hungry wolves. Be amazed by hooded seals that blow up red balloons and ice-covered bumblebees that emerge glorious from their winter lairs.

As the planet’s climate is experiencing rapid changes, so is the Arctic. But the changes here are happening faster and more dramatically than anywhere else. Can it keep pace? Join a breathtaking expedition across the Earth’s other pole in ARCTIC: Our Frozen Planet.

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