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Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichium) on the Aquarium plaza.

Bald Cypress

Plants / Taxodium distichium
Length 70-100"
Conservation Status
Not Evaluated

Although the bald cypress appears to be evergreen with its linear leaves spiraling around branchlets, it’s actually a deciduous conifer meaning it sheds its leaves every fall. In October, each tiny leaflet turns a stunning brownish orange. The tree grows to be 70-100’ tall and is pyramidal in canopy shape. The bark is fibrous and shredding, and turkeys, rabbits, and squirrels enjoy the cones produced in fall. Bald cypress can be found in swamps and in other reliably moist, slightly acidic soils in full sun. A very long-lived tree.

Mississippi River Valley, Coastal Plain
Wet areas (swamps, rivers), can develop characteristic ‘knees’ which are upright growths that help supply oxygen to the roots if submerged in water.
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