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Collared Lemur

Mammals / Eulemur Collaris
Length 16-22"
Conservation Status

Collared Lemurs are an understudied species of Lemur. What is known is that they tend to live in mixed-sex groups that can number anywhere between 3 and 22 members! Hunting for food together in the rainforests, it’s rare that they ever reach the forest floor, and they’re known to be active both day and night. Males are known to be aggressive during mating periods, and sometimes are expelled from the group. Unlike other groups of Lemurs, where groups tend to be matriarchal, Collared Lemurs, also known as Red-Collared Brown Lemurs, are co-dominant. Collared Lemurs are known to be major seed dispersers, given their diets. These Lemurs face various threats in the wild to both themselves and their habitat. In addition to slash-and-burn agriculture, timber extraction, and other forms of forest clearance, Collared Lemurs are also hunted for food by bushmeat hunters.

Southeastern Madagascar
Tropical Lowlands, Montane Forests
Fruit, flowers, nectar, bark, soil, insects, sometimes small chameleons
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