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Ocean Journey /

Tropical Cove

Ocean Journey / Tropical Cove

The Tropical Cove in Ocean Journey beckons visitors into a misty, tropical rainforest paradise filled with vibrant blossoms, lush greenery, the echoing cries of lemurs and a unique touch station. The space’s open-concept design allows guests to wander through a diverse collection of exhibits representing exotic tropical and island ecosystems.

As they enter Tropical Cove, visitors may be lucky enough to spot a community of lemurs ambling along a raised path arcing over the entrance. Once inside, they’ll see a towering recreation of the rainforests and spiny forests the lemurs call home in their native Madagascar. After watching them clamber to perches dozens of feet overhead or sunning themselves on a miniature island, visitors can learn more about these imperiled mammals through twice daily special programs lead by the Aquarium’s lemur experts.

Deeper inside the Tropical Cove, Stingray Bay is the Aquarium's largest touch station, with more than 100 feet of shoreline. Guests can touch several different shark and stingray species while Aquarium staff members share interesting facts about these animals from a tropical-themed tiki hut. The smooth, narrow walls of the tank and easy step-up along the base of the walls make it easy for guests, young and old alike, to lay fingers on these gentle swimmers as they glide through the warm waters.

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