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Coral Catshark 3

Coral Catshark

Fish / Atelomycterus marmoratus
Length Up to 28 "
Conservation Status
Near Theatened

The Coral Catshark is a small, slender shark with a narrow head and the elongated, cat-like eyes typical of the catshark family. Although a widespread and common species, surprisingly little is known about the biology of the Coral Catshark. Reclusive and inactive during the day, at dusk and at night the Coral Catshark actively forages for small, bottom-living invertebrates and bony fishes. Its slender form allows it to access tight spaces on the reef. It is oviparous: females lay purse-shaped egg capsules two at a time on the bottom, and the young hatch after approximately100 days.

Shallow coral reefs across the Indo-West Pacific, from Pakistan to New Guinea
An inshore species, the coral catshark inhabits coral reefs and live in crevices and holes in the reef
Small, bottom-living invertebrates and bony fishes
Coral Catshark
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