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20220510 Tellico River 13

River Chub

Fish / Nocomis micropogon
Length Up to 12"
Conservation Status
Least Concern

This species will be viewable in our new Ridges to Rivers gallery, opening Spring 2023 in the River Journey building!

As their common name suggests, River Chubs live in runs and pools of streams to medium rivers over rocky substrate. Like other members of the genus Nocomis, breeding male River Chubs build nests by moving gravel with their mouth one rock at a time. Other species of minnows will also lay their eggs over these nests.

Ohio River Drainage, including the Tennessee and Cumberland river drainages, as well as Great Lakes and Atlantic Coast drainages from Virginia to New York
rocky runs and flowing pools of small to medium rivers
aquatic invertebrates
River Chub
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