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Radiated Tortoise 1

Radiated Tortoise

Reptiles / Astrochelys radiata
Length 14-18"
Conservation Status

The Radiated Tortoise is named for its brilliantly marked shell with yellow lines radiating from the center of each dark plate. These tortoises have strong beaks and thick skin, allowing them to eat prickly plants like cacti. They are known to graze in the same area, which keeps vegetation around them trimmed. This species is classifed as Critically Endangered due to habitat loss, introduction of non-native vegetation and collection for the food and pet trade.

southern and southwestern Madagascar
dry spiny forest
Feeds on vegetation (grass, cacti, cacti fruits, other plants)
Radiated Tortoise
Fig. 2 Watch the Tennessee Aquarium’s North American River Otters frolicking in the Cove Forest.
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