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Panther Chameleon 2

Panther Chameleon

Reptiles / Furcifer pardalis
Length 8"
Conservation Status
Not Evaluated

Panther Chameleons are native to tropical forest biome areas of Madagascar. Like other chameleon species, Panther Chameleons display a wide array of colors. Females are typically peach, pink or grey while the males have red, blue or green color patterns. Babies have a more neutral coloring until they reach reproductive maturity at several months old. These fascinating reptiles are carnivorous and eat a variety of insects in the wild. Chameleons are stealthy hunters, using a sticky, mucus-covered tongue to strike their prey and pull it back into their mouths.

Island of Madagascar
tropical forests
Time-lapsed video shows a slow-moving Panther Chameleon creeping up a branch.
Panther Chameleon 1
Panther CHameleon
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