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Food Options for Groups

Order a meal that’s ready when you are! Reserve a Pizza Hut lunch or snack pack from the Tennessee Aquarium so your group can refuel and get right back to exploring the rays, penguins, otters and more! Seeing an IMAX? Pre-order a Snack Pack for any show! IMAX concessions are only available for 12:00 pm, 1:15 pm, 2:30 pm, 3:45 pm, 5:00pm and 6:00 pm shows.

Choose a Pizza Hut lunch, snack pack, or both:

Pizza Hut Lunch  – $12
– Personal pan cheese pizza
– 2-pack of Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies
– 12-ounce canned Dasani water

Snack Pack – $5
– Small popcorn
– 12-ounce canned Dasani water.

Choose a dining location:

The IMAX 3D Theater – Take a seat and have a ‘3D’ dining experience while watching a film on the IMAX giant screen! To enjoy a Pizza Hut lunch or snack pack during an IMAX film, the group must also purchase IMAX tickets.

Aquarium Plaza – Stone ledges, benches, and seasonal water features make the Plaza a great place to spread out and enjoy a Pizza Hut lunch or snack pack with a view! There are some assorted picnic tables, but each of these are first come, first served to any guest and cannot be reserved. Covered space is limited and the Aquarium does not have back-up areas for inclement weather.


Final numbers and payment for Lunch Packs and Snack Packs must be received in full, 10 business days prior to visit.  If payment is not made, the food order will be dropped from your reservation. There are no refunds for Lunches or Snack Packs. No exceptions. Please see our PAYMENT PAGE for details.


Can I bring my own lunch?

Groups may bring their own lunches, but off-site food is not permitted in the IMAX or Aquarium buildings.  Groups may enjoy their off-site lunches on the Aquarium plaza, the green areas around the Aquarium campus, or inside the bus/motor coach the group arrived in.  Please plan on leaving coolers and lunches on the bus.

Can I reserve space for my group to eat?

All outdoor spaces surrounding the Aquarium are open to the public and may not be reserved. If your group prefers to eat indoors, you may purchase tickets and reserve seats during an IMAX film. This option is only available if the group has purchased Pizza Hut lunches or snack packs from the Aquarium. No outside food may be eaten in our IMAX Theater.

What if it is cold or raining when my group needs to eat?

Weather can be unpredictable, we get it! Unfortunately, the Aquarium does not have any indoor spaces for groups to eat. There is limited covered space on the plaza, and these areas will be first come, first served to any guest.  We would suggest making your transportation the back-up eating area for cold or rainy weather.

What about dietary substitutions?

The Aquarium does not make meal substitutions. Please bring an outside meal for any group member who needs a dietary substitution.  These meals may be enjoyed alongside the others during an IMAX or on the Plaza.  You can learn more about Pizza Hut nutrition facts, here:  https://www.nutritionix.com/pizza-hut/nutrition-calculator/premium

Can we purchase food when we arrive?

Pizza Hut lunches and snack packs cannot be ordered on-site as both options require advanced ordering and payment. However, concessions are available at our IMAX 3D Theater and the Snack Island stand, outside of River Journey. Please note that IMAX concessions are only available for 12:00 pm, 1:15 pm, 2:30 pm, 3:45 pm, 5:00pm and 6:00 pm shows.

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