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Crested Wood Partridge

Crested Wood Partridge

Birds / Rollulus roulroul
Length 10"
Conservation Status
Near Theatened

The male has a spectacular reddish crest, dark, blue-green plumage and a bright red circle around the eye, lower beak and legs. The female plumage is green with reddish wings and head. Crested partridges live in flocks of five to 15 and spend most of their time scratching on the forest floor for food. The nest is a simple depression in dry leaves where five to six eggs are laid. The Crested Wood Partridge is listed as “Near Threatened” in the wild by the IUCN because of over logging and habitat destruction. They are quite common in captivity and the Tennessee Aquarium maintains a breeding flock of two males and three females in the Butterfly Garden in Ocean Journey.

Malaysia to Borneo and Sumatra
Tropical lowland forests
Insects and fruit
Crested Wood Partridge pecking ground
Crested Wood Partridge
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