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Gentoo penguin profile close up

Gentoo Penguin

Birds / Pygoscelis papua
Length 30-35"
Conservation Status
Near Theatened

Gentoos are black with a white belly. Their feet and bill are yellow and their eyes are brown. Their head is black with white triangular patches that meet over their eyes. They have a more prominent tail than other penguins. The males tend to be larger then the females but gender is very difficult to distinguish. Their life span in the wild is estimated to be 15-20 years. They are the third largest of all the penguin species and are known to be the most curious. In the water, sea lions, leopard seals, and orca are all predators of the gentoo. On land there are no predators of full grown gentoos. Skuas can steal their eggs and other seabirds will snatch chicks.

Antarctic Peninsula and sub-Antarctic islands
Rocky and uninhabited shores with preferred nesting sites on low level or gently sloping coastal plains
Crustaceans (mostly krill), Rock Cod, Lantern fish and squid.
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Gentoo Penguin group
Gentoo Penguin swimming
Gentoo penguin diving
Gentoo penguin nesting
Gentoo Penguins swimming

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