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Macaroni penguin close up

Macaroni Penguin

Birds / Eudyptes chrysolophus
Length 25-28"
Conservation Status

Macaronis are the world’s most abundant penguin species with an estimated nine million breeding pairs. Head and upper parts are bluish black, under parts are white. They have a large reddish-brown bill with pink skin at its base. Legs and feet are pink. The bird’s most distinctive feature is a golden-yellow crest that extends from the center of the forehead and swings backward above the eyes. Females are smaller than males but have similar plumage. Juveniles lack crests and have dull brown eyes and brownish-black bills. They are excellent climbers and are known as the “alpine penguin” because they will scale cliff faces to find nesting areas.

Maritime Antarctic and sub-Antarctic region
Rocky, water-bound areas, on rocks and cliffs above the ocean. They're only on land during breeding season.
Crustaceans (mostly krill), fish and squid
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Macaroni Penguin swimming
Macaroni Penguin

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