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Malachite Butterfly

Butterflies / Siproeta Stelenes
Length 3.3 - 3.9"
Conservation Status
Least Concern

Named after the mineral Malachite, this butterfly loves to eat! Often mistaken for the Scarce Bamboo Page due to their similar coloring, Malachite Butterflies have a variety of flowers and foods that they’ll go for. They’re known to make a meal of the flowers of trees, herbaceous plants, and sometimes even the dung (poop) of birds. They’ve even been known to go after flowers up to 38 feet in the air on the canopy, which is typically where males will perch and sometimes, look for females to mate with.

Central and South America
Subtropical Evergreen or Semi-Deciduous Forests
Rotting Fruit, Nectar, Dung
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