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River Journey /

Rivers of the World

River Journey / Rivers of the World

With exotic and exciting sights from around the world, the Rivers of the World gallery feels like a planet all on its own. When visitors enter, they get a special 'taste' of countries of different continents at every angle of the gallery, while sounds of rapids and dripping water play in the distance, reminding them of the Aquarium story.

With fantastic creatures exhibited, the Rivers of the World gallery showcases sights from the Amazon, Congo, Volga and Fly Rivers as well as from tropical African and Eurasian waters.

Three exhibits are devoted to the Amazon, the world's largest river. One displays smaller, brightly-colored fish, frogs, lizards and turtles from the region; a second contains the feared red-bellied piranha and anaconda. The largest exhibit depicts the beautiful 'flooded forest' created each year during the rainy season when the river rises 30 to 40 feet.

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