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Ocean Journey /

Secret Reef

Ocean Journey / Secret Reef

In the blue depths of the Gulf of Mexico, about 115 miles southeast of Galveston, Texas, an exotic, multi-colored coral environment exists in harmony. This reef system, the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, is the northernmost reef in North America and is inspiration for the Secret Reef exhibit.

Perfectly depicted in a dimly-lit gallery with mystical, underwater music, this exhibit features the Aquarium's most jaw-dropping animals: toothy, 10-foot, sand tiger sharks and sleek, sandbar sharks. In addition, guests can watch in amazement as thousands of colorful reef fish swim about while the larger Crevalle Jacks swim above. Two impressive Green Sea Turtles can also be seen gliding through the crystal clear waters

The adventure continues as visitors make their way further into the depths of the Secret Reef as they tour the Ocean Journey building. A wonder in itself, the Undersea Cavern provides breathtaking, panoramic views.

Visitors feel as if they are floating in a bubble deep in the ocean while surrounded by thousands of curious saltwater creatures, like colorful fish and enormous sharks, in a fantastic, brightly-colored coral setting. As they make their way though the cavern, they can view bottom feeders and observe the behaviors of mysterious saltwater life as if they were actually deep-sea divers. Visitors are amazed when 10-foot sharks swim slowly above their heads and schools of darting fish move to and fro in every direction around them.

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