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White Angled Sulpher

Butterflies / Anteo chlorinde
Length Up to 3.5"
Conservation Status
Not Evaluated

Adults are strong flyers and are often seen high over the canopy. The White-Angled Sulpher's underside wings are very leaf like, while its upperside is notable due to the nice little yellow spots it contains. Attracting butterflies to your yard can be very rewarding! To attract butterflies, you must provide flowers that have nectar and host plants for them to lay their eggs on. Native plants that contain nectar include phlox, azaleas, thistles, fruit trees, zinnias, ironweed, goldenrod, coneflower, buttonbush, asters, blazing star, red clover, monarda and jewelweed. At the nursery you can buy: petunias, verbena, lilac, phlox, cosmos, lantana, butterfly bush (buddlea), morning glories and gaillardia.

Argentina to South Texas
Open sunny areas
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